Beaver Scouts for Members aged 6 – 8 years old.

Our Beaver Scouts will learn new things, make friends, play games, explore outside & earn badges.

There are 3 types of badges:
Progressive awards – Diamonds on the front of jumper
Proficiency awards – Yellow circles to be worn on sleeve
Staged awards – Blue circles to be worn on sleeve

The highest award a Beaver Scout can earn is the Chief Scout Bronze Award.

All badge requirements are in the Beaver Badge Book, which you will receive when you are invested.

Other activities throughout the year might include:
Beaver sleepovers (for older Beavers), Beaver football tournament, Beaver Sports day, Beaver fundays, Beaver Handicraft event, Beaver Halloween Party, Beaver Christmas Party, Trip out to museums etc.

When your child turns 8 we will automatically find him/her a place in one of our Cub Packs and encourage the moving on to Cubs.

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