Our Cub Scouts are an active section with lots of outdoor activities available as well as the weekly meetings.

Cub Scouts are put into small groups, these are called Sixes, and the idea is to build friendship and encourage teamwork.

Various activities Cubs will have the chance of taking part in include:
Outdoor challenges including, outdoor cooking, camping, walking, sailing, climbing, potholing, air rifle shooting, archery as well as indoor crafts, games and learning about the world.

The Cub programme is based around the achievement of badges. There are 3 types of badges:
Progressive awards – Red diamonds on front of jumper
Proficiency awards – Red circles on sleeve
Stages awards – Blue circles on sleeve

The highest award a Cub Scout can achieve is the Chief Scout Silver Award, the Cubs are encouraged to try to gain badges and all the requirements are in the Cub Badge Book.

In our Group we try and offer lots of exciting activities, we try and hold 3 Cub camps a year, along with lots of other outdoor activities, some of the other regular annual events include: Incident Night Hikes, Swimming galas, chess event, football tournament, sports day.

Cubs are encouraged to look at moving on to Scouts after their 10th birthday. Although they can stay at Cubs until they reach 11.

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