Money - Subscriptions


One of the main responsibilities of the Executive Committee is managing the financial aspects of our Group.

We have a Group Treasurer who “heads up” a team responsible for Group finances.

Our main money transactions are:
•Subs Payments
•Camps, Trips, Activity payments
•Gift Aid

NOTE: All payments to the group are to be put in the letter box in our HQ. Payments should never be handed to a leader.

Subs must be paid each term; ideally they should be paid by cheque and must be placed in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name & section. Your section leader does not administer these payments; they are dealt with by the Treasurer and Group Administrator. If you are struggling to pay in one lump sum please talk to our Group Administrator we will be happy to make arrangements for weekly or monthly payments instead.

Termly Subs are set out below:-

Termly Subs for Individual Group Member  £35.00

Family Discount  £ 5.00 per family

Discount for Prompt Payment  £ 5.00 per child

To receive the £5 per child Prompt Payment Discount your Subs have to be received by your Group Leader or Treasurer before the half term break.

Gift Aid

We encourage everyone, when joining our Group to fill in a Gift Aid form. This is money we can claim back from the Government; it doesn’t cost you anything and is much needed extra funds for the Group.
Again different committee member co-ordinates the Gift Aid. Please place filled in forms in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and marked Gift Aid.


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