You can buy uniform from the Hemel Hempstead District Scout Shop, which is located in Hobbs Hill School and open on Tuesday evenings 7:00 – 8:30pm

Upon arrival, please tell the shop staff you are purchasing uniform for your child, who is joining Apsley Scout Group, they will sell you the correct items.

Beavers-Blue Beaver Jumper / Navy Scout Activity trousers

Cubs-Green Cub Jumper / Navy Scout Activity trousers

Scouts-Green Scout Shirt / Navy Scout Activity trousers /
Scout belt

When your child is ready for investment your section leader will inform you and will tell you the details of their investment. Your child will need to know their Promise & Law.

They will be issued with a Group Scarf, Badges, Woggle, along with uniform badges & badge book. To cover the cost of investment we charge a £7.50 Investment Fee, payable on the day of investment.
Again please place in a named sealed envelope.


Summer Uniform
Although the Scout Association has a summer polo shirt and baseball cap, we like our members to wear our Group t-shirt / polo shirt, and group baseball cap. These are in our Group colours which make it easier to identify our members at District / County events.
In the summer we like the youngsters to bring along their jumpers to meetings and events, they can then be removed after the opening ceremony etc.

Group uniform can be bought from your section leader, please remember to place money in a sealed, named and labelled envelope, thank you.

Camp Blankets
Throughout the year the members will be given souvenir badges for certain activities. Although some can be worn on their uniform for a period of time, most are for camp blankets. Members may use any blanket that can have badges sewn on and then bring to camps and sleepouts.



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